Empowering Women NYC

Dear Friend,

Susan Moses - Empowering Women NYC

As a celebrity stylist and author of The Art of Dressing Curves, I understand the importance of changing antiquated beauty standards. I am excited about the fashion and beauty industry’s new muse: she is larger, she is ethnically diverse and she is older. And I am equally excited that the media is now telling her story in a new way.

As an advocate for the equal representation of women in fashion, beauty and the media I have founded Empowering Women NYC to provide a platform for me and other thought leaders to honestly and openly discuss how we can be agents of change.

Empowering Women NYC recognizes the beauty and value of all women equally, regardless of size, age or ethnicity, and is committed to nurturing that value across the platforms of fashion, beauty, art and culture. We are also dedicated to respectfully sustaining the environmental resources that support the fashion and beauty industries.

My team and I hope you will join us on the journey to expand and elevate these important global conversations.

Susan Moses
Celebrity Stylist & Author


Empowering Women NYC Inaugural Event
Body Inclusivity & Diversity Summit
United Nations, New York City